• Testimonials

  • I started seeing Isabella for massage therapy over six years ago. The demands of operating my own business (which includes a lot of travel) and raising my two children was taking its toll on my body. I began to rely on my monthly massages to destress. Most of my tension at the time was in my upper back and I had limited movement in my neck. Isabella’s massage focused on lengthening my taut muscles and restoring my movement potential. I now see her once a week and she has recently helped me with soreness I’ve had in my forearms and wrists from rowing. Isabella’s work enables me to keep doing what I love doing without pain.


  • I am in so much less pain when Isabella has worked on my aching back!
    Isabella Schwartz has been massaging my back and hip for a number of years. Chronic pain and injury are not pleasant! Advil and the like haven’t worked. Isabella is attentive, concerned, asks questions, listens, addresses problem areas and has given me incredible relief. I’ve had some other massage therapists work on me but no one has come close to alleviating my pain as Isabella has. She is reasonably priced and the results have been miraculous. If you have pain or need some relaxation, I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Isabella.


  • Because of her “medical” massage expertise, Isabella was able to work with me when I was told I needed a hip replacement. She helped strengthen my leg pre-surgery and post surgery as well. Her knowledge and training in both injury and orthopedic needs far surpasses any other massage therapists I have worked with.


  • Receiving a massage from Isabella is one of the most healing, relaxing, comforting, enjoyable and empowering experiences. She really is brilliant. There are no other words for her expertise and intuitive healing talents. Isabella's deep understanding of human anatomy along with the variety of therapeutic massage techniques she has mastered ensure that her clients will experience relief from their pain and repair of their injuries.